Long Sleeve Shirts Favored By Miley Cyrus And Kristen Stewart

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Long sleeve shirts is the style that really hit it off this season with models lining the catwalks, ramps and runways with different styles and designs of long sleeved shirts. Brands such as One Life 2 Live and Faith Connexion are taking advantage of this change in styles and creating trendy and fashionable long sleeve shirts suitable for women of all ages.

Long sleeve shirts have many advantages over short sleeve shirts, particularly in that they can be worn throughout the day. The long sleeves take away the chill of the night and may be rolled up to give a stylish street look during daytime. Furthermore, long-sleeves protect sensitive skin from direct sunlight and make your arms look slender and uniform from shoulder to wrist.

Long sleeve shirts may be worn to advantage with most types of shorts, skirts, bottoms and trousers. Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart often wear long sleeve shirts even though they have very different personalities as seen on screen or in the media.

Miley Cyrus sports a bold and friendly look as seen in her popular series Hannah Montana and is often seen wearing long sleeve shirts at her rehearsals, at school as well as when hanging out with friends. Kristen Stewart on the other hand is often seen wearing darker and more reserved long sleeve shirts in real life as well as in her character roles.

Similarly, One Life 2 Live offers brighter and more casual long sleeve shirts like the One Life 2 Live Long Sleeve Top in Red. Faith Connexion on the other hand has slightly darker and more reserved long sleeve shirts as favored by Kristen Stewart. Therefore, no matter whether you prefer bright and preppy like Miley Cyrus or dark and reserved like Kristen Stewart, long sleeved shirts are suitable for your unique style.

Faith Black and White Striped Long sleeve shirt is an excellent example of a long sleeved shirt that is great for casual wear. While some might think the horizontal stripes might make them look wider, the stripes are fairly thin and this effect is negligible.

Long sleeve shirts are available in a variety of styles such as simple long sleeve shirts that are like T-shirts with sleeves to the wrist. Others may feature cuffs or the sleeves may cutoff at the forearm. Long sleeve shirts may also feature ruffles like the Seven7 tops or different neck styles like v-necks, jewel neck or crew necks.

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Long Sleeve Shirts Favored By Miley Cyrus And Kristen Stewart

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This article was published on 2010/11/25